We believe that we don’t just live in our community, we create it.

What is Community Mates?

Our aim is to globally bring people, businesses and charities together and help provide access to discrete volunteering opportunities; and provide opportunity for people to volunteer with their friends thereby making volunteering an easy, fun and social activity.

These sorts of activities could support anything from child cancer research, to animal welfare, to environmental causes, to efforts to assist the underprivileged etc etc. They are all important and they all make a difference!

Since our inception in September 2012 we have grown to have 21 Chapters in 8 countries and thus our growth has been significant. But this is just the start! We see this as the first steps towards realising our vision of making volunteering a global norm!

Our slide deck

  • 16138 hours
  • 3999 volunteers
  • 210 Not For Profits helped
Ebz the dog.